YES Essentials

Our planet. Our future.

We've worked hard to create long-lasting, livable fabric that reduces stains, odors and even static. But we didn't stop there. Every day, we are working to reduce something else that's much more important: our environmental footprint.

YES Essentials interior fabrics are taking the automotive industry's green movement to a new level with sophisticated technologies and engineering. YES Essentials fabrics also include a combination of activated carbon and antimicrobials that significantly improve air quality for you and your passengers for the life of your car.

Just as we continue to look to the future in the exploration of sustainable technology, we look within our company for the tools to get there. Our team of engineers are continually developing solutions to help us save precious resources—from water reduction projects and new recycling methods to unique community programs. And with various earth-friendly certifications and awards, we are building upon a business that is focused heavily on the betterment of our planet.

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A little goes a long way.

With the help of our internal environment teams' active preservation of resources, we have recycled and reused more than 70% of waste and diverted more than 2300 tons from the landfill in 2011!