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Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Pushes the Limits #NewSantaFe

"The YES Essentials® fabric treatment is standard in all models with cloth seating, and is perfect for dads & moms. It provides soil-resistance, anti-odor and antistatic properties. Take a look – the spills just bead up for ease of clean-up, instead of being absorbed into the fabric. (Take that kids and pets!)" Read more.

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

"The standard cloth seats have fabric from YES Essentials®, and it is resistant to water, stains, odor and bacteria. I did a test spill of milk, and it quickly beaded up instead of absorbing into the fabric. Cleanup was easy so the risk of mysterious, lingering odors was minimized. The YES upholstery isn't new—Chrysler uses it in a few of its vehicles—but it's new to Santa Fe, and parents will love it." Read more.

YES Essentials®: Viva La Stain Resistance!

By: Kelley

"Whether from food, drink, mud or dirt, the average driver subjects his or her car's interior to a nearly endless onslaught of stains." See the video.

Mom Reviews

YES Essentials - Automoile Carpets and Fabrics

By: Elizabeth

"If my van was ever suddenly buried in an avalanche or something and then dug up again hundreds of years from now, the scientists studying it would most likely be able to tell exactly what foods my kids ate based on the stains on the carpeting. My standard clean-up supplies of baby wipes and paper towel haven't been at all successful in removing the spilled Slurpees, apple juice, chocolate milk, the dropped Tootsie Pops, the french fries, etc." Read more.

Daily News (New York)

Dodge Avenger Is a Practical Solution

By: Josh Max

"And speaking of kids, you'll be able to relax about scuffs, ice-cream spills and so on with the Avenger's YES Essentials® stain-odor-static-resistant fabric, which withstands severe rubbing." Read more.

Lipstick to Crayons

No Stains. No Smells. No Worries.®

By: Lipstick to Crayons author

"Would you be more likely to buy a car if you knew the fabric and carpet was anti-microbial, anti-stain, anti-stink, and anti-static? I definitely would. My SUV is a little over a year old and despite my vow to take great care of my new vehicle, life happens. I have four kids and a dog. Need I say more? YES Essentials® high-performance line of automobile fabrics and carpets eliminates the worrying about the spills and spoils that go along with an active lifestyle." Read more.

Popular Mechanics Automotive News

YES Essentials® Active Odor Control Seats Offer Fabrize Nanotech for Soccer Moms, Not Teenage Sons: Live from SEMA 2007

By: Ben Stewart

"The newest version of YES Essentials fabric has an innovative technology that basically rids odors and volatile chemicals from the interior." Read more.

Nanotechnology Law Report

Nanotechnology-Enhanced Upholstery In Chrysler Vehicles

By: Patrick T. Lewis

"Popular Mechanics is reporting that Chrysler is utilizing YES Essentials® fabric in its new vehicles." Read more.


Chrysler Group to Introduce New Stain- and Odor-Resistant Upholstery

By: Eric Bryant

"The Chrysler Aspen, Dodge Caliber, and Jeep Wrangler were offered with YES Essentials® 'advanced upholstery system'. For those of you who either tend to make your own mess, or cart around those that do (whether that be children or adults that act like kids), this stuff should be a godsend." Read more.

Automobile Reviewer

Dodge Caliber Review

By: Automobile Reviewer

"Also, the seats can come wrapped in the revolutionary YES Essentials® fabric that is odor-, stain- and static-resistant. As a result, even as the car ages, it will look and smell brand new." Read more.

Automobile Reviewer

Dodge Dakota Review

By: Automobile Reviewer

"Each model of the Dakota has the option of coming with YES Essentials® fabric. Truly a wonder material, it is stain and odor resistant and is chemically engineered to withstand spot treatment over time, in the same area, without fading. Suddenly, mud, dirt, spills and debris aren't a big deal. No matter how dirty the exterior of the truck gets, the interior will remain spotless and smelling like new, no hassle." Read more.

All Cars All the Time

Spill Your Drink? YES You Can!

By: Posted by unnamed author

"A big plus as far as I'm concerned is this, the fabric has an antistatic agent improves comfort and reduces static shock." Read more.




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With our innovative, repel-and-release technology, even the toughest stains clean up easily with nothing more than soap and water.