YES Essentials

Accident  Proof

Don't worry over dirt, grime and spills when you have YES Essentials®. The advanced repel-and-release technology protects against accidents, big and small.

Repel  &  Release

The water and stain repellent technology of YES Essentials® repels and releases stains to keep your fabric looking good as new.

No  Stains

Advanced, repel-and-release technology offers stain resistance and fast drying time so even the messiest spills clean up easily.

No  Smells

Odor-eliminating fibers significantly improve air quality by removing the lingering smells that stains and moisture can leave behind.

No  Worries

High-performance interiors offer a lifetime of protection by preventing stains, improving air quality and even reducing static shock.

Say Yes to the Mess

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Lifestyle Approved

Pizza parties. Road trips to the Grand Canyon. Carpools to football practice. Life on the go can be an adventure—but that doesn't mean it has to live on your seats. Now it won't. YES Essentials® is taking a unique approach to automotive interior fabric.

Our proven technology provides ease of care for the stains, smells and mishaps of everyday life. And with sophisticated designs, we offer the style and comfort you crave. So go ahead. Bring on the late-night takeout and the muddy cleats. The adventure will stay with you. Not in your car.

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At YES Essentials, our earth-friendly practices go far beyond design. See how we’re making a difference.

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