YES Essentials

About Yes Essentials®

Designed for looks. Built for life.

YES Essentials® was designed to be the ultimate solution for consumers on the go because morning commutes have coffee and drive-thrus have ketchup. We have integrated cutting-edge technology that provides durability and ease of care for vehicles and consumers everywhere. With an ultra-effective stain release system and advanced antistatic properties, our fabrics are spill-resistant, odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and pretty much kid-proof. Which means your seats will stay clean for you and look like new for the next owner. How’s that for design?


Resists Stains

Keep the memories. Lose the stains.

Fabrics tell a fair share of stories. But with YES Essentials, you can get rid of the evidence. Our fabric is designed with repel-and-release technology so spills that would ordinarily stain most car interiors, bead up on the surface to be easily wiped away. Even dried ground-in stains can be removed easily with just soap and water. So live, and if you spill, that's ok. Just wipe it up. It’s like it was never there.

Controls Odors

Your air freshener can't do this.

Whether it’s exhaust fumes or your wet, furry friends, YES Essentials’ advanced technology actively eliminates smells from a wide range of sources. Our fabrics inhibit growth of the most common sources of foul odors, mold and bacteria, as well as your everyday nuisance smells such as food residue. Plus, YES Essentials interiors reduce potentially harmful odors emitted by VOCs—so no more smells from things you see. Or things you don’t.

Reduces Static

Our technology may shock you, but your seats won't.

The only thing better than a clean car is a comfortable one. Fortunately, we’ve got both covered. YES Essentials offers a revolutionary, permanent solution to reduce static electricity from your vehicle by more than 50%, so you don’t feel a shock. Our advanced, antistatic properties disperse the static charge you build up in your car, which means no clinging clothes and no painful jolts. Just a comfortable ride, every time.

Say yes to the mess.

Life is filled with ‘no.’ No to candy before dinner. No to fruit punch in the living room. No to shoes on the sofa. But with our high-performance seat fabric, you can start saying yes to a whole lot more. At least in your car. YES Essentials is designed to repel stains and eliminate odors, allowing even the sloppiest stains to wipe right up. So start saying yes to double mocha lattes. Yes to muddy soccer players. Yes to wet dogs in the backseat. Finally, say yes to the mess.